The AWS1 James Buriak Foundation

James “Jimmy” Buriak

Single Flipper and Rose

Meet Jimmy

Jimmy was born 09 May 1990 in Salem, VA. He graduated from Salem High School in 2008, Roanoke College in 2012, and joined the Navy in 2017. He spent time training in San Diego and Pensacola before being assigned to HSC-8 in Coronado, CA, and he deployed aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt for two back-to-back tours

Jimmy was an uncommon man. He held qualities that could not be given but instead earned. He was an exemplary dad who loved his son, both a husband and a soul mate to his wife, and a beloved son and brother.  He prided himself on physical fitness and being able to protect not only his family but others if needed.

The best example of his courage, heroism, and ability to live up to the motto “So Others May Live” is when he earned his first save at Gun Beach, Guam on 08 February 2020 while off duty and earned the Navy Commendation Medal. When asked about saving a drowning tourist off duty he stated, “I just happened to be the person there and I would like to think that regardless of who it was, they would have done the same. Someone said they needed help, and anyone would do the same in my shoes.”

Jimmy loved his family and lived every day like it was his last. He held his friends and family close and built memories that will last a lifetime. He had honor, integrity, and courage.   His devotion to his people- his family, friends, and fellow crewman- has rarely been equaled.

Those who have enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget in time that men have died to win them.

Jimmy's Mission Statement